Thursday, October 5, 2017

Home sweet home!

We were away from home for over a month. We had sketchy internet most of the time, so I was not able to get a blog post up.  Trying to catch up and get back into a normal routine. Our first stop was at the family cabin at Bear Lake. Very relaxing and peaceful.

Grand Teton National Park
Next up was 2 days at Grand Teton National Park. There was a lot of smoke in the air from the ragging wildfires in the western USA. We could barely see the mountains through the smoke. The second day was a bit better, but still smokey. I had accidentally hit the date stamp on my camera.  Wish I could figure out how to erase it off the photographs from that day.
Old Faithful
Our next stop was Yellowstone National Park! We stayed 4 nights there. OMG! It was fabulous! Still some smoke in the air, but it did dwindle each day. This has been on our list forever. It was the first National Park in the USA.  We saw Old Faithful!
Sapphire Pool 
This was one of my favorite features! The colors were incredible! It looks like a cool pool, but is really a very hot spring.
Bear Lake
We took 2 days camped at two different lakes on the way back to the family cabin. We stayed for 4 or five days there before closing it up for the Winter. Sweetie dropped me off in Layton on his way home. The Utah Quilt Guild has an annual Fest every year and I love to attend with all my buddies. I did not teach this year, taking a year off.
The Amazing Race
I took two classes.  A design class from Joe Cunningham. Which I will show next post. And then a team class, The Amazing Race. Sandy and I did this class last year and it was fun! So we decided to do it again.  You work as a team and end with two quilts. In between the steps you have to do challenges. Which is to make a couple of blocks from a kit. The blocks will be used in donation quilts. I still need to get the borders on my pineapple!
Design Wall
After I got home I decided it was time to finally install the design wall in my new sewing room. To test it out I put up a batch of swap blocks that I had trimmed at Quilt Fest the week before.  Looks like it works!

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  1. Wonderful vacation. Quilt fest. AND a new design wall? LOVE what you've got going up on it!!

  2. do you pin pieces up on your design wall? found your from whoop whoop

    1. You are set to noreply via email. I have covered the insulation board with flannel. It does stick pretty well, but sometimes I do pin pieces up on the board. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful pictures of nature and of inspiring quilt projects!! Love the pineapple, thanks for sharing!!

  4. What beautiful pictures! The sapphire pool is stunning! Love your quilt on your design wall! I just made a new wall for my space and it is wonderful! Happy design...

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    WOW what fabulous photos and memories from a wonderful trip. I love what's on your design wall. I LOVE the idea of an Amazing Race team class! That really sounds like fun - I love the show, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. What great photos and wonderful trip. It would be heavenly to get away for two whole weeks. Love the giant pineapple quilts. Jealous of a sewing room design wall that big, nice!

  7. Oh wow what an amazing trip - stunning scenery and a quilt show, what's not to love!!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my state! I too love the pools more than the geysers. I love your big pineapples!

  9. Sounds like a great summer. Wasn't quilt fest great?!


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