Friday, October 27, 2017

The Joys of Autumn

I was not able to get a post up last week. We had driven up to Salt Lake to baby sit our 2 young granddaughters while their parents were out of town. Oh my. Lovely girls but I forgot how much work it is to take care of an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old. I was lucky to get the dishes done!

Baby hats
While riding in the car I like to knit. I am bored with dishrags, so I switched over to baby hats. Easy pattern, great car driving project. It is a 5-6 hour drive to Salt Lake, so I got a lot of knitting done. Now I have a couple of hats ready for the next new babies to arrive.
Mom's yarn
I had a bunch of yellow and pink yarn that came from my late Mother's stash. It feels good to use it up.
Brass and steam
I had a bag full of shawls and a couple of cowls that needed blocked. I decided to block one a day and was able to get them all done in about 10 days (took a couple of days off) We then went up the trail near our home and took some glamour shots. I did not photograph the cowls. First up is The Age of Brass and Steam. Rav project page
Hemp Shawl
Next up is a triangle shawl that I knit using some cool Hemp yarn that a friend gifted me. Just a simple triangle pattern that I made up as I knit. Rav project page.
I loved knitting this one! It is the Croc-a-tail Scarf pattern by Jessie Ksanznak. Link to my rav page.
I used some wonderful handspun yarn by Karen of Gift of Grace. Right now her shop is empty of most of her yarn, but she is doing a shop update soon, I believe on November 1st. She also does custom spins.
Simple blue
Another fun, fast knit! Blue is my favorite color.  Painted Hills is the pattern. Link to rav page.
Another fun knit! I had a bit of trouble with the start of the pattern, the designer is not a native English speaker and so some of the instructions were a bit unclear to me. Once I got the idea of how the increases worked, it all made sense. This is a huge shawl! Rav project page.
And the grand finale of my blocking pile! A design by SusannaIC. I love this shawl! It is very large, like a cape size on me. I started off using a larger needle and so it just grew like a weed! It is beaded. Rav project page.
I am still working on my swap blocks from last post. Hope to have those finished this week. So my only finishes are my knitting and blocking. Nice to get that bag of shawls blocked!

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  1. I love your shawls -- especially the croc one. Thanks for the link!

  2. OH MY your shawls are gorgeous. And thanks for giving the links for them. I'm going to take a look at a few to see if I want to make one. What's your blocking method of choice for these. I have one I'd like to try and block.

  3. Your shawls are stunning! Wow! I crochet shawls and just love gifting them as well as wearing them. You are so talented! Those baby hats are precious! The little knots on the end made me smile....Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your knitting is beautiful. I'm trying to learn.


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