Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Quilt Walk Festival

A new lamp!

Beautiful plastic flowers outside our room!

Cool collection at the liquor store!

Another view.

I just love these guys!

Beautiful glassware.

The last four years my friend Sandy and I have been meeting up in Panguitch, Utah for the annual Quilt Walk Festival.  It is always a lot of fun!  Since we are both teaching quilt classes, the Festival puts us up in a local motel.  Several of the motels donate rooms to the Festival for this purpose.  Amazingly enough, we got the exact same room in the same motel as last year.  Last year there was this poor little broken lamp.  I have a photo on my home computer, so I can't access it right now. So that explains the lamp photo. But although this is a small older motel, it is very clean. I would take clean over fancy any day! After we checked in at the festival and got our goody-bag and name tags, we stopped the liquor store for a bottle of wine.  Living in rural Utah, you learn which of the small towns have a good selection in their state run liquor stores.  Our town's store is pretty sad, so it is a treat to go to the one in Panguitch.  I asked the woman behind the counter if it was ok to take photos of the wonderful collection on top of the shelves and she said sure. I love the Baileys cups!  The faces are too cute!  I will try to get some photos of the quilt show this afternoon and post again tomorrow.

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