Monday, June 4, 2012

When to take out the camera.

Yummy salad!

Two kinds of brownies (you can't see the second one under the foil, but it was good!

Nice spread!

Sausage filled mushrooms!  This gal is required to bring them to all potlucks!

Another "spread" view

The triangles  in a pile to be swapped.

Lovely Iris's

Weird looking chicken!

Our sweet little quilt guild in Ephraim, Sanpete Stitchin' Sisters, had their closing social last week.  They are the ones that put on the quilt show over Memorial weekend.  They take the summer off and then start up again in September.  I arrived a few minutes late, right in the middle of show and tell. Do you think that I can pull out my camera at that time?  No, only when the food comes out!  After dinner, I realized that I didn't take any photos of quilts, so took some of the Iris garden (only one shot turned out) and then one of this weird looking chicken.  I can't really figure out what happened to her behind.  Maybe I don't really want to know the answer to that one!

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