Sunday, August 11, 2013

It started out as a Sunny Day

Fabric soaking
One of the Off the Wall blogs this week talked about Sun Printing.  I have been wanting to try it for a while now and thought, sure, why not? It is sunny this Friday morning.  So I get out the plastic drop cloth and set it up outside and turned the water on the strawberry patch.  I then tore two fat quarters and put them in the sink to soak.  I got out my blue bunny ice cream buckets, my sponge brushes and craft paint.  And I then went out to get some Aspen leaves to do the printing.  Small ones from the back yard.  And then went to the front where one of the trees has larger leaves.  Hmmm, it is getting a bit windy.

First Cloud
Sure enough, a storm cloud rolled in from the South.  Man oh man!  What thunder and lightening!  I swear it was flash-boom!  Repeat for about half an hour.  Okay, it is looking like blue skies to the South, maybe I can try again.  I took a few more photos of the storm, now to the North of us.  Got a chore around the house done and then look what showed up to the South!  Another storm cloud.

Second Cloud
This repeated for the rest of the afternoon.  The puppy dogs were scared and hiding, the power flashed and my computer restarted with issues and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to fix it.  Where is a nerd when you need one? It is still giving me issues.  So I am working on the laptop.  I never did get to try out the Sun Printing. 

Today Sweetie, the pups and I went on a hike Up the Mountain (which is local lingo for driving up the canyon and doing something up there) It was nice.  I am glad that I went along.  And we were lucky to get done just as the storm clouds started to churn.  So once again I only have inspirational photographs for my Off the Wall post this week.


Some sort of fungus, or is it fungi?

Up the Mountain

Weird to see a meter in the middle of nowhere



Colorado Beer
Also check out yesterday's post. I joined a blog hop which everyone wrote about their start in sewing and quilting. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your sun painting whenever the weather will allow it. Eddy and Peaty look like they had a great time. LOVE the photo of the bee on the thistle! And the fungus (fungi?) looked like a big white mouth to me. hahaha


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