Friday, August 16, 2013

Trunk Show at Springville Art Museum

On Tuesday I went to a sleepover for a local quilt group.  It was held at Brenda's family cabin up Fairview Canyon.  The cabin is at close to 9000 feet elevation.  It is beautiful up there!  They have a wonderful swing.
Tractor Swing up the mountain
On Wednesday afternoon I drove to Springville. My good friend Florence and I were invited to show our quilts at a trunk show held at the Springville Art Museum.  It was in conjunction with their annual Quilt show.
Good friends

Florence beside her  "Firebird"
I just love this quilt!  I had dropped it off for the show.  I knew when I saw it that she was going to win a ribbon! And she did!

My first quilt
I showed my first quilt. Funny how it looks not too bad from a distance!  We still use it camping.

My Pepto quilt
I showed some of my hand quilted pieces.  I still love this quilt!  It is one of the ones I hang in our bedroom. I rotate quilts on that wall whenever I get bored with the quilt that is there.

Salt Lake Album
This quilt is featured in a book.  Jeana Kimball's "Forget Me Knots" book.  I really should get it finished.

Dancing Rings
I rarely make two of the same quilt.  I needed a class sample so my daughter could have her quilt back, so I did the same layout, but the fabrics are a bit different.

Double Wedding Ring
I have always wanted to make Double Wedding Ring.  This is a wedding quilt for my daughter and her husband.  I ended up making it smaller than I had planned, so I have a lot of extra pieces.  Maybe I will make a smaller quilt out of them.  I don't think I have another full size DWR in me.
Collaboration quilts
Last year I did a collaboration with my good friend Anne. (she is the person standing at the back of the room in the Dancing Rings photograph)  We each pieced a top and then switched.  We had to "expand" from within and quilt the piece.  I don't have photographs of the "before" handy.

My Desert Quilt

This is my most ribboned quilt.  It won "Best Use of Color" at the Utah Quilt Guild show (probably 2003, it might have been 2004). It won a ribbon at the River City Show in Sacramento.  Also two ribbons at the Dixon Mayfair.  And two years ago it won viewers choice awards at both of the local little shows (I only entered it as filler, we were shy on quilts)

This is my Off the Wall post for the week.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.

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