Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun Times with Good Friends

My good friend Lisa Chin volunteered to hold a mini class for me and a couple of friends on how to screen print and how to cut rubber stamps since we were all going to be at the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest.  She had covered her hotel room with plastic garbage bags to contain the mess!

Lisa's demo print

The "Shroud"
She had brought along a piece of fabric she had previously dyed that did not turn out to be what she wanted, so we could have something to work with.  When she held it up we saw a face in the fabric!  After that, it was then known as the "shroud". We contemplated making a shrine, but chose to play instead.

Me giving it a try

Cool piece done with some sparkly paint

Helen's piece.

Lisa cutting a stamp

Lisa showing how to apply the paint

Anne's stamped fabric

Look what we did!

 Helen did a lovely piece!  My piece is the small skinny one, along with Lisa's demo piece.  Anne was prepared and brought some of her hand dyed fabric to work with.  A good time was had by all!

This is my off the wall post for this week.  Check back, I will have some more posts from the Festival in the next week.

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