Friday, October 25, 2013

Quilt Show at the Utah Quilt Fest in Midway

My ISP has had a lot of problems since I got back from the Quilt Fest.  So I was not able to get a post up last week about the quilt show.  So I am posting it this week.

Helen with her five year + project.
My friend, Helen, has been working on this Cathedral Window quilt for many years. She started off with a plainer black, didn't like it, so then spearheaded that project with the quilt group for an Auction Quilt for charity. She restarted her own project using a gold embossed black print. The edge triangles are done with a green/gold oriental print. This is a charm quilt, other than the border, all of the squares she used for the windows are different. This was the first time she has entered a quilt in any quilt show. Unfortunately she did not find out until she picked up her quilt that the committee had decided that it did not qualify as a real "quilt" and then moved it out of the judging and into exhibition only. She was very disappointed that it was not judged.  I am appalled that the committee would do this.  It is a traditional pattern done in an updated way.  I sure hope that they refunded her entry fee, since the exhibition only category was no charge.  They had her entry form ahead of the drop off date, they should have said something at that time that they would not accept it for judging. Or even when she turned it in and the chairperson of the event insisted on seeing the quilt, that would have been another good time to graciously say something.  Not a note in the pick up bag. And they wonder why people are reluctant to enter this show.  What do you all think?  Should it have been accepted for judging? And if not, shouldn't she have been told right from the get go that it would not be accepted?

Florence with her "Egyptian quilt"
Florence started this quilt in a week long class with Louisa Smith several years ago. Florence wasn't happy with the quilting that she did and ended up picking out a lot of it and then quilting it again.  It really turned out lovely!

Lisa with her "Penny" quilt
I just love this piece!  Lisa's dog, Penny, was such a sweet girl.  My older daughter used to house/dog sit for them.  It was sad when Penny died.  I think that Lisa did a wonderful tribute to her companion.

Lisa with her medallion quilt
Another wonderful piece by Lisa!  All of that colorwork is machine quilted!  I really think that this should have won the machine quilting award.

Florence and Lisa by their award winning quilts!
My two close friends won First Place and Second place in the same category. Florence's Firebird won the First place ribbon and Lisa's Penny won the Second place ribbon. I am torn, I love both of these pieces, I can't decide which I would give first and which I would give second.  It was nice to get a photograph of two close friends with their quilts in the same shot.

Anna's medallion
Another award winning quilt!  I taught a "Choose your own adventure Medallion" class at a quilt group up in Utah Valley a couple of years ago. Anna had chosen to make a wedding quilt using brown and beige (which the happy couple selected). The photograph doesn't show it very well, but the quilt really sparkles! One of the prints has a metallic sheen to it. This is the fourth quilt from that class that I have seen in shows. I know that at least one other received a ribbon. Each quilt turned out differently, every one chose their own blocks for the center and the outer border and there were also many options to the other rounds, so each project is very different. Well done Anna!

The hotel had a Scarecrow walk featuring various entries from local groups.  Two of my faves.


My classes went well!  Above are some of the student's blocks from the Road to California class! I love how all of the various color schemes look so wonderful it this design!

This is my Off the Wall post for the week.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.


  1. That stinks about your friend she definitely should have been in that show. I do love Penny what a great quilt!

  2. scarecrow walk, hilarious, wish I could see them all
    LeeAnna Paylor


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