Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Family Quilt Blog Hop

I am excited to participate in Cheryl Slebota's  "My Family Quilt Blog Hop"!

 I don't come from a long line of quilters. I am the first in my family to make quilts. I started quilting in about 1994.  My younger daughter, Kim, loves to sew and has also made some quilts over the years.  My older daughter, Vicky, does not do much machine sewing  but does some hand sewing and is a wonderful cross stitcher.  When they would sew clothing together, Vicky would cut out the pieces and then head to the kitchen to bake cookies while Kim stitched the project together.
Vicky made this cross stitched picture for me.

Kim's latest quilt. She designed the blocks.

This is the story of their collaboration quilt.

In 2005 my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We were living in Sacramento, CA at the time.  For reasons too long to go into, instead of going to Hawaii (my choice) or Alaska (his choice) we decided to head back to Garden City, UT and have a family party at the lake with all of our friends and family.  There was a wonderful turn out, and we also had some family that happened to be there visiting from Germany.  My brother scored some awesome sausages and we had a wonderful potluck and BBQ.

Our Daughters surprised us with a Memory quilt that they made together.
Our daughters had us come up to the deck to make the presentation.

We were so surprised!

Kim designed the blocks.  Vicky did the photo transfers.
Vicky, me and Kim.  One of my favorite photographs!
The quilting stitches are rather large, but even.
I don't know what photo transfer method was used, but there is some peeling of the images going on. And for a long time I was puzzled by the photographs.  I have them all, I know them all, but the people looked wrong somehow. Well, the images are reversed!

Me and my husband.
Tim (our son) me and Kim

My three adorable children! 

Kim did the piecing of the blocks.  They hit up some of my Salt Lake quilting friends for help and raided their fabric stashes.   Vicky did the hand quilting and the binding.

This is one of my most treasured quilts!  I love that the girls worked together to make it happen. They did a wonderful job selecting special family photographs for the quilt.

This is my story for the "My Family Quilt Blog Hop".  Please check out the other blog posts in this hop, the links and dates are below.

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  1. Your daughters are so sweet! Their Mother has taught them well!

  2. What a wonderful gift from your daughters! :)

  3. A lovely story! I like seeing the pictures of the cross stitch and the cute animal quilt too. It's it amazing how much we continue to be draw to fabric and thread and other types of textiles throughout the generations.

  4. What a lovely gift! What a great girls do you have! I know what you mean about your daughters. I am also so happy when I see my daughters working together!
    Love from Amsterdam

  5. Ohhh that's a lavender and Lace pattern! I remember I got that pattern as a cross stitcher thinking that was the closest I would get to quilting! Soon after I started quilting with a book I got by mistake and I never did do that pattern. I didn't come from quilters either but was taught to cross stitching neighbor. Love how they all contributed and brought everyone in on the surprise! You obviously raised them right!

  6. Sylvia, look the fact that your girls worked together to make the quilt. It is a treasure.

  7. What a terrific surprise for you, the story is so touching. You raised thoughtful daughters, thank you for that!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  8. What a special quilt! One to be proud of and cherished. Makes me wish I had kids - maybe I can teach my dogs to quilt :-)

  9. You have a lovely family. Thanks for the quilt story!

  10. What a wonderful memory quilt! Very special!


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