Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow Dyeing the Results post

Snow today!
Last night's heavy rain turned to snow overnight.  Not a lot of the white stuff, but enough to cover the ground. It reminded me that I had never shown the results of my snow dyeing last month. So here is the snow dyes.

#1 Jade and terra cotta
#2 orange yellow and dark blue

#3 terra cotta, brown & forest green
#4 yellow and orange

I don't know that this shows up well in the photograph, but it has some hints of a purple. I am pleased with this one.

This is #1 from above, love it!

This is #2 from above,hmmm
This did not turn out the way that I had expected!  I love it, but I had no idea that it was going to turn into a mud pile. So the next time I left out the blue and got #4.

Blue is my "color". I love the way that this one turned out. You just can't go wrong with blue!

#3 from above
I do like this one, I just thought it would be more green.

So the second snow dyeing I made sure to only put orange and yellow on this piece.  I had a lot of orange and only a tiny bit of yellow left.

For Karen
When I showed this to my knitting friend Karen, she claimed it! I am to make her something with this, I haven't quite figured out exactly what, but I have a few ideas brewing.

Fuchsia and turquoise
Another yard piece. Another one that I really love!

I had a lot of fun with the snow dyeing!  Even though we had a tiny bit of snow today, it is not enough to do another round. And the way that the Spring weather is in our area, I may or may not be able to do another batch of snow dyeing.  

Check back on my blog on Sunday I have a special post coming up!

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.


  1. I love the blues and blacks the most. What a cool way to create interesting fabric! I had no idea!

    ~ Chris R.

  2. I just wanted to jump into my computer screen and grab your fabric......super!!!

  3. Those came out great! Looking forward to doing some dyeing with you next week!

  4. Oops! Was signed in with Em's account!

  5. They turned out great, Sylvia!

  6. It's hard to get a good black, and snow dyeing is so messy. Good job
    LeeAnna Paylor


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