Sunday, March 23, 2014

So easily distracted!

6 of 12 blocks

Sewing like crazy!
I have a secret quilt that need to be quilted. It is surprise gift for a friend (so no peeking!) So instead of working on that quilt, what do I do? Sew like crazy on these QAYG blocks!  I taught this at the retreat 2 weeks ago and had some in progress blocks to demo the technique. I just got word that this class was not picked up for a conference in the fall. Since I don't need the blocks for another class demo, I thought I would just piece a few of them. It was too cold outside on Saturday to do the work that I wanted in the herb garden so I got sidetracked and finished all 12 blocks!  And got them quilted and trimmed this afternoon. Not like I have anything else that needs to be finished (the gift quilt among other things).

This is my design wall Monday post, check out Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. I am easily distracted the last few days also. Think it has something to do with just wanting snow and cold weather to be gone for good!!

  2. I've not been tempted to do a QAYG quilt because I am sure I would never finish one. The blocks are really cute!

  3. looks interesting and really fun. thanks for sharing.


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