Monday, March 17, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Last week I was at a quilting retreat put on by the Pie Plate Patterns ladies in Fountain Green. They do a great job of putting on a small town retreat!  Everyone had a great time!  I meant to take a photograph of downtown Fountain Green, but forgot. The downtown is one block long on one side of the street. With a gas station on the other side of the street. The event was held at the renovated dance hall. I had posted from the event about my first class here. Then I was able to play in the open sew area for 2 days before my last class on Saturday afternoon.

I pulled out my tub of Paradise Punch blocks. These were blocks started as demo's for classes. I had cut enough squares to make a queen sized quilt for my bed. So the tub of blocks had been tucked away for a couple of years. When I started to layout all the blocks, I was amazed at how many I had! I squared up the pile of untrimmed blocks and played with them a bit. I am excited to get back to this project!

I had a bagful of plaid squares leftover from when I made the nine patch quilt for my Dad a couple of years ago. It is on my gallery page. I started sewing them together into twos. Came out even. Then sewed the twos into fours.  Came out even. Then sewed the fours into eights. Came out even. And then finished off by sewing the eights into sixteenths. I ended up with 40 16 patch blocks! Not a single leftover square! I am trying to decide whether to make 2 twenty block quilts or one larger 40 block quilt. And whether to sash them with some shirting prints.


Sweet Lady, whose name is on the tip of my tongue.
Another thing that is so cool is when your students from last year bring finished projects from a class that you taught. There were three ladies who brought their projects from my Hudson bay class. Diane's is a top and Michelle and Sweet Lady had completed quilts! Last September my good friend Charlotte brought her quilt to the guild meeting. I have a photograph of her quilt on this post. She had used a different layout than the one I used.

This is my Design Wall Monday post.

BTW, my Craftsy class giveaway is still going on until March 20th.  The link for the giveaway is in this post.

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  1. You got a lot done! I love what your students ended up creating! Their colors are awesome. Great job!


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