Friday, June 20, 2014

At the Lake

I am spending the week at the family cabin at Bear Lake.  Some friends were up for a couple of days and unfortunately it rained most of the time while they were here. Now the weather is beautiful!  I have been photographing some of the wonderful flowers in bloom around the area.  Hoping to find a couple that may turn into an art quilt piece. 

My buddies for the week, left is Eddy and on the right is Peaty.  They love coming up to the lake!

The water level is down quite a bit.  I was standing at the high water mark when I took this photograph.  The lake is very shallow at our side of the lake, so when the water goes down, it really goes down.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Sad that I had to miss out on the rainy day fun. It looks like Eddie and Peaty enjoyed themselves! I hope they didn't catch a rabbit and bring it home for dinner. ;)


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