Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't Look Anne!

Do you ever get stuck in the design phase? I am stuck right now. Big time. My friend, Anne and I are doing another challenge. We did one 2 years ago, check out the results here. I really enjoyed it and it was a good stretch for my artistic side. So we decided to do it again. Anne got to set the rules this time.  We swapped two fat quarters, one had to be hand dyed by us, the other could be dyed, but also needed some sort of surface design on it. I was able to do my dyeing late last year, scroll down on this post to see the fabric I sent to her. It also shows the 2 pieces that she sent me. They have been auditioning on my wall ever since. Our original due date was September, Anne moved it up to July so that we could enter them in the Springville art museum's annual show.

Progress? or is it?

I had an idea right away, but could not work on this piece for a while. I still like my idea, but the last couple of weeks I have had trouble getting my idea to work. Yesterday I actually cut fabric. That is when I found out the stamped FQ was 18"x16". So I need to revise my border idea. Today I need to work the shop, so maybe tomorrow will bring actual work on the project.

Some of the fabrics that have been auditioning for the challenge piece.  

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.


  1. so, what's your idea? I like your trees, and the top one of the forest is my favorite.
    I find a challenge with fabric only as parameters to be the hardest. There is this unspoken abstract expectation. You know I like representational art best! You like trees... what kind of tree could you do?

  2. Oh I totally hear ya......challenges are the end....probably an excellent way to keep the creativity moving forward....but the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. Hang in've got it in you to make a wonderful piece.

  3. I get stuck too. I either leave it all on the wall until something strikes me or start cutting and playing anyway. Something always comes of it in the end, so keep at it!


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