Monday, June 9, 2014

Sourdough Starter

Going away to college quilt

Starter box

My nephew graduated high school last week and will be headed off to college in a couple of months. I like to make a "going off to college" quilt for the nieces and nephews to take with them.  This is the last one to go. One of my favorite boy/young man color schemes is plaids.  I have made several Sourdough quilts and always have some leftover parts (starter) that I feed the box, make the quilt and have leftover parts and so on.  It is a very basic, easy to customize design.  9 inch squares mixed with a variety of 9 inch nine-patches and four-patches.  You can lay out the blocks in any way you like. If you are in a hurry, you can use more 9 inch squares to cut down on the sewing time.  I have to still make my four-patches, but I have my big squares and nine-patches laid out in a diagonal setting. I think I will use it this time. Disregard the hourglass quilt peeking through the "design wall bed". I have a quilt on the real design wall that I cannot show publicly yet.

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  1. The design fits a college bound male.

  2. This is nice! I, too, am working with plaids. They are left over from graduation quilt for an honorary nephew.


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