Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday in August

Boy Scout Memory quilt for my nephew

Leftover parts from my boat quilt

4 inch blocks for a swap

Hmm what can I make from these?

How about some geese?
I completed the Boy Scout quilt! Shh! Don't tell, my nephew hasn't seen it yet! I am thrilled to finally get this finished!  I am counting it as my 7th finished UFO of the year. 

I got a lot of sewing done yesterday, well until the power went out. Third time in less than a month. It almost makes you want to go off the grid.  Anyway, I always try to make a mini quilt for the Utah Quilt Guild's mini raffle. So I pulled out my leftover triangles.  I figured that some I could use for a 4" block swap I am doing and the rest will be some flying geese.

This is my Design Wall Monday post.


  1. I really like how the Boy Scout quilt turned out.

  2. You could call the leftover boat pieces your "deconstructed boat block". Nice work on the mini-blocks, too.


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