Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer's End

Here it is, the end of Summer! In Utah, August has been an unusually wet month. Landslides, flooding, thunder, lightening, very stormy. I drove up to the family cabin at Bear Lake on Tuesday. It rained for two days and yesterday cleared up nicely. Just in time for the grands to arrive with their Mommas!  

Clouds on the drive

I love this smiley face barn
I have driven past this barn since I was a child and I am thrilled every time I see that it is still there! I love smiley faces!

Cat tails
I had brought along my Bernina, I have a piece due for a challenge. The due date is September 1st. I got all my stuff set up, folding table, sewing machine, ironing station, cutting mat, fabrics and such. Cut and pressed and got ready to sew. CLUNK, Clunk, clunk.  UGH. Pulled out the bobbin, re-threaded, reset the needle, clunk, clunk, clunk. Something is out of alignment in the bobbin area. The nearest repair shop is an hour away. So no sewing for me. I will drop off the machine at Dave's Bernina on my drive home Tuesday. I do have another machine at home, so will be able to finish this project then. 

So for this weekend, I will play with the toddlers and 4 year old, go swimming, walk the dogs. And take some inspiration photographs.

This is my off the wall post for the week.


  1. I hate it when my equipment doesn't cooperate! But it sounds like it will be a wonderful vacation nonetheless!

  2. Sometimes I think my machines are trying to tell me something when they break down - something along the lines of "Take a break woman!" hahaha Enjoy yourself! I look forward to seeing your photos.


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