Friday, June 10, 2016

Inspiration at Rat Fink Reunion

Every year the small town south of us, Manti, holds the "Rat Fink Reunion". It is in honor of the late Ed Roth who is famous for his drawings of the Rat Fink. He was also famous for inventing pin striping and printing on T-shirts. Included in the festivities is a car show. We went last weekend, it was fun! This show has a good variety of cars. Stock, restored,chopped, art, in progress and everything in between! I love the emblems on vintage cars! So inspirational! One of these days I need to make a fiber art piece inspired by one of my car show photographs.
Loved this emblem 
One of the issues with taking photographs of cars at a car show is that they are polished within an inch of their lives and it is tricky to try and get a photo without it being a selfie! You can see my squished face in the chrome at the top.
A crown and a rat
Love the metal work on this art car! No doubt this guy is not finished yet!
An Art Beetle
Sometimes they paint it to look like rust! 
Rat Fink
You see a lot of tributes to the Rat Fink on the cars.
Lovely pin striping!
And once again I am in the photograph!
Old fire truck!
It was hard to get all the elements of this in one photograph. There is a ladder with another firefighter skeleton up against the tree rescuing a cat skeleton. There is a dog skeleton on the front of the truck.

In other excitement this week I received a package in the mail.......
Oh, of course it is packed upside down!
Inspired by the National Parks!
My copy of  "Inspired by the National Parks" by Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto! It is a beautiful book with wonderfully written stories from National park rangers. I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Capitol Reef
A couple of weeks ago I was able to reveal my quilt "Fruita View" that I submitted for this book. I love the way it looks in the book!

Brooks River
My good pal, Lisa Chin, did Katmai park. I love the way she used free form piecing to depict the sky, trees and water.

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  1. I remember when we would go to the grocery store and bring a nickle from our allowances. We would get a rat fink from the machine! I had my favorites, specifically a lavender one! One of the kids in the neighborhood, an only child and a BOY at that ( still remember his name even) had a ton of them! We were all so jealous!


  2. HOw wonderful to be in the book! Your quilt is gorgeous.

  3. Congrats to both of you, my two talented friends. Is the car show the same time every year? I think my hubby would love it.


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