Friday, June 24, 2016

The Beginning

Inspiration photograph
I decided to make a landscape featuring a cliff that is near our Kanab home. I took this photograph while on our hike last weekend.  I love the red rock in the area! I am planning some sort of improvisational type piecing. I think. We will see what happens. Sometimes these ideas take on a different path.
Fabric Palette
I pulled batiks in browns, oranges, corals, sages, and olive greens. I also grabbed a couple of pieces of my hand dyed blues.
Thread selection
I filled a container with possible quilting threads. I always like to have a lot of thread possibilities, I most likely will use only a few of these. And the red is in there for a bowl, not this project.
Almost quilted!
I was able to get some more bubbles quilted in my little spiral quilt. I hope to finish that this afternoon and get a binding on it.

I am linking to EmilyAmanda Jean and Nina-Marie.

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  1. looking forward to your developing landscape. love the photo you took for inspiration and your selection of fabric and threads of possibilities.


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