Friday, June 17, 2016

Sew into the Summer

What I was sewing
How it looked on the ironing board

Maybe this way?!
A few weeks ago I blogged about getting back to this unnamed project. This week I was finally able to sew for a couple of hours. Yeah, my piecing curved. I had to think on that one before finishing the strip piecing. Do I want to go back and sew it straight? Or do I want to go with the curve? I went with the curve! I think it gives it a cool look. Now my issue is which way is up? Is it a landscape?  I had originally intended to try a cutting holes in the top technique that I saw on a blog a couple of months ago. Now I am thinking this is not the piece to try out that technique.  So while I am pondering that issue, I pulled out another UFO and did some FMQ.
I didn't get too much done, Sweetie came home and then talked to me and I was out of the groove. I have some time today, hope to finish the bubbles.

Demo bowl
Wednesday was the Wales quilt guild. I taught clothes line bowls. I love making bowls! This is a fun group. On sew days we have a potluck lunch. And then the regular meeting. Each meeting one of our members does a trunk show. This month was Cheryl's turn. Loved seeing all her projects.
EZ Crazy
And bonus! She showed two quilts from classes that she took from me! It is always a thrill to see a class project out in the wild!  I am renaming the red quilt class "Charlotte" in honor of one of my dearest friends here in Sanpete County.

Yarn Chicken
On Ravelry I am participating in a sock knitting competition titled "Tour De Sock". It is a fundraiser for Drs without Borders.  We are on the second stage of the race, and I am on my first sock.  I had two small skeins of yarn for this pair. I am close to completing the toe, hope the yarn holds out!

The birds got my cherry
I recently had shown a photograph of the only cherry on our small tree. I had hope to eat that guy. We were out of town over the weekend and the birds got my cherry!

I am linking to Nina-Marie, Beth, Emily, Monday Making and Amanda Jean this week.


  1. I wonder what would happen if you soaked the strip piecing and then blocked it? Could the curve be tamed into submission? Of course, this assumes that none of the fabric will bleed in the rinse.

  2. Oh, the birds ALWAYS beat us to the cherries on our tree! LOL I rather like the look of the curved piece. And I wouldn't tell anyone that you didn't intend for it to look like that. :) I have an unfinished sock, I better get on it if I want to have a completed pair before cold weather comes (I'm a sloooowww knitter...). Thanks for liking to MCM!

  3. Birds are some of the best cherry thieves I know. Exciting to get to see quilts from classes you taught.


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