Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Caught Up

Yesterday I drove up to Panguitch, Utah with a friend to see the Quilt Walk festival. I am not teaching at this event this year, but it was fun to just go for the day and see the show, shop at the vendors and take in the noon time trunk show by Christa Watson. I ran into quite a few friends. It is a small town show in conjunction with the town's festival. I only took a few photographs.

Plaid raw edge applique
I love homespun plaids! I like quilts that look like they belong in a log cabin.
Bright Chevron
I am not usually a pink person, but for some reason this Chevron made me smile.
Daddy's shirts
This piece was made using cut up plaid shirts. I love log cabin blocks and like this variation.
Family reunion
I love quilts made to celebrate family! This was a family reunion quilt. And it features one of my favorite blocks, the Nine-patch.
Memory quilt
Another family quilt! The description did not really tell the story of this family, but I loved the collection of photographs.
My Star Block of the Month
I am in charge of the Block of the Month for one of the local guilds. I am reusing my star block of the month patterns that I made for another group a couple of years ago. I decided to make another set of the blocks in a different theme. Since I missed the last 2 meetings I was behind on my blocks. So this week I was able to get caught up. I am hoping to spend some time this weekend and try to get the rest of the sampler blocks sewn and be ahead of the game.


  1. What a great quilt festival! It's always fun to see quilts in person!

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    It looks like that show was a fun one. The star blocks will make a fabulous quilt. Do you add sashings to the blocks or just sew them together? ~smile~

  3. Star blocks are wonderful for block of the month projects, you have picked some nice ones. Also nice bright colors

  4. WE all enjoy checking out quilt shoes, don't we. Many thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilt show experience with us! Beautiful and inspiring pieces!!

  6. I like your star blocks. Thanks for sharing the quilt show pieces.

  7. Fun seeing all those quilts! Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday!


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