Friday, June 23, 2017

A Week at the Lake

We are spending the week at the family cabin at Bear Lake. It has been lovely! The weather is nice, the water is up and we are missing the record hot temps back home. I brought along a couple of knitting projects to work on this week.
Baby Hat
First up is a baby hat for our nephew and his wife. They are expecting a little girl in October. I think every baby needs a hand knit hat to wear when coming home for the first time.
Warm up pattern
Next up is the warm up pattern for this year's Tour de Sock. Although it says it is a speed knitting competition, it is very relaxed. You can race for speed or just for fun. There are teams and for a donation to a worthwhile charity, Doctors without Borders, you get 6 patterns and a lot of fun. This year the competition starts a bit late, so there is a bonus 7th pattern to warm up for the race.
I am not very big on colorwork on a sock. But I decided to try it out on the warm up sock. I think it looks good! But it is a struggle for me to get the tension correct.
One sock finished!
I finished the first sock last night. I left off the colorwork on the foot since that is in the shoe and won't be seen. Since this pattern doesn't count for points, I don't have to worry about altering the pattern.
Crafting space
My studio space this week! Along with the appropriate beverage for a summer day at the lake.
White Columbine
My Dad planted columbine all over the yard. There are a lot of color combinations, I love the all white version.
Snow in Summer
Another perennial that shows up this time of year is Snow in Summer. It has a very small blossom and grey foliage.
There are also a lot of Daisy plants that come back every year! So cheerful!
Another Columbine
Another lovely color combination on a columbine!
Bear Lake
I love this lake! My parents bought our lot in 1965. My Dad built the cabin the next year. I grew up here! We spent almost every weekend at the lake. Along with at least 2 full weeks during the summer.
Peaty swimming
My dog loves to swim! Even though the water is a bit too cold for me, he still has to do a quick swim. The water is usually warm enough about the 4th of July.
Classic Lake View
I love watching the sailboats on the lake! There were only a few this week, but by July there will be a lot more.
In recent years the water level has been way down. It is close to the high water mark and so the view of the water is very close. I enjoy watching the water fowl. Here are some geese. We also saw ducks and pelicans. Sometimes there are swans as well.


  1. Love your 'studio' space! Your sock knitting looks great! Thanks for linking up to 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

  2. What beautiful views across your lake - especially with the bird life. Learning to knit socks are on my "must learn one day" list.

  3. What a great "studio" to work in. Mooose Drool a perfect beverage for the location. The colorwork on your socks are great! I've never attempted it in a sock before, but it's quite lovely.

  4. There are so many lovely things to view on your post I don't know where to start! The sock looks great. The hard part for me is to get the 2nd to look like the first! Although I've been doing better recently. Love the baby hat too. The lake looks so relaxing. Did you swim in it as a kid? Enjoy your relaxation.

  5. Beautiful pictures of Bear Lake. It is a perfect place to sew.

  6. I can see why you love it there. It's gorgeous! Great job on your sock. I've never tried colorwork, but really like the look. Maybe one day... Enjoy the time in your "studio!"

  7. Love the socks. I csn't seem to speed knitting them though. Always takes 2 weeks.

  8. Your knitting is beautiful! I like the change you made in the socks. The flowers and pictures around the lake are so pretty. Enjoy!!


  9. Bear Lake is so beautiful as are your knitted socks. Like Jenny above I too intend to learn someday...

  10. Bear Lake is a favorite hang out for our family also. So many great memories. Your knitting looks great!


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