Friday, June 16, 2017

Making a tiny bit of progress, better than none at all.

This time of year the 3 quilts on our bed has dwindled to just one. I still like this quilt, I made it over 15 years ago. I date things by where we were living and we were still in Salt Lake when it was made. I use it quite a bit. I do rotate what quilts are on the bed and this one is there frequently.
My Bed
It is starting to show some wear. I made this using my Dice N' Splice technique.
Repair needed
There are several sections that look like the photograph above. Nice thing is that it is an easy repair. Stupid thing is I don't think about it except when I am under the quilt and this is in my face.
Binding issue
There is one small section of the binding coming loose. Again, a very simple repair.  Just need to think of it during the day and not after I get into bed.
Bunny by Grandma
In the late 80's and early 90's my parents were living in Friday Harbor, Washington. A friend of hers had a pattern for the bunny and my mother made one for each of the grandchildren. I believe this is the only one left. It was made for my son who just turned 35!

Why does blogger rotate my photographs? UGH! Anyway this is Charlotte. When we were getting our house in Salt Lake ready to put on the market, I found an old doll crib that my dad had made for me when I was very young. My daughters were then young adults and it had been stashed away to store. I had told my walking buddy, Sandy, about the crib and how I was disappointed that I did not have a single doll from my child hood. So a few weeks later she shows up to my door to go walking and from behind her back she pulls out Charlotte! She made me a doll for my crib!  The doll crib has been passed on to my granddaughter.

A good friend was teaching a class on this sheep doll. I thought it was fun! The "sheepskin" is batting.
Still working on my block of the month samples. I did skip September because the floral I had out worked better for the October block. Just trying to get ahead of the game. There is no guild meeting in July, conflicts with the 4th of July, so I am caught up for the August meeting.


  1. Your blocks look great. And I'm the same way, I forget something needs mending until I'm in bed, but then I hate mending so maybe it is intentional

  2. I love the quilt you have on your bed currently. Like you I can date things by where we were when they were made because we have moved around so much. It's wonderful that you are still using the quilt and those repairs will get done .... one day! Many thanks for linking up to TGIFF :)

  3. So I am guessing you will be reading this comment sometime during the day so consider this your reminder to go stitch up that binding! Your block of the month samplers are super pretty. :)

  4. How lovely to see those quilts so full of love that they burst at the seams! :) I also find issues like that on my quilts when I am snuggled under them, then I fall asleep and I forget everything... oh well, good dreams are better than mending! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I remember that bunny pattern -- or at least one very like it. I bring that bunny out during the spring to sit with my rather large collection of bunnies on the mantel. Your monthly blocks look great.

  6. Hi Sylvia,
    What a sweet friend to bring and make you a doll for your doll bed. It's so nice that your quilts are wearing out from use rather than just age, don't you think?! I love your monthly blocks. Did you fussy cut the centers? If not, they look like you did! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Beautiful blocks! If it makes you feel better all I have to do on my bed quilt is to snip a floating thread that I catch my hand under every night! Like you, I remember when I go to bed only. I'll go do that right now...thanx!

  8. I love the sheep doll. I've not seen one before. Your blocks look great too! Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday.

  9. I was intrigued with your pattern of the present bed quilt. Looks interesting. Love your little dolls too.


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