Friday, July 21, 2017

Lazy Summer Days

We are having a wonderful, relaxing time at the lake. We have a wonderful shade tree where we have set up some lounge chairs. We have spent quite a bit of time there while watching the clouds and the lake. Yeah, it doesn't suck.
My view from the lounge chair
The lake is Bear Lake on the border of Utah and Idaho. We are on the Utah side. My parents bought the lot over 50 years ago. I grew up here, spending most of the summer at the lake. I am lucky that the property is still in the family. I remember when my Dad and the neighbors constructed the flag pole and we have been flying the flag since. Love the view of the flag and the clouds.
My boys love it at the lake. This is Eddy, our "little" guy. Loves to be right next to his dad.
This is Peaty, our big boy. He loves to be next to his mama. Peaty is getting older and has some health issues. But still loves to come to the lake, just doesn't like the 8 hour drive to get there.

Lazy summer Dish Rag knitting

I failed on my socks for the Tour De Sock, stage one. So I picked up my dishrag knitting bag. Perfect, mindless summer knitting when enjoying the view is the most important thing to accomplish.
Failed sock
I did not take a photograph before ripping out the knitting on the sock. I had hoped to give the socks to my daughter. She said the pattern was ok, but she was not enthused about the design. And when she said that the yarn was too pretty to waste on that design, it sealed the fate of this project. I do like the texture design and hope to use it on a dish rag. It would be a wonderful scrubby texture. After I complete the green dish rag I will try it out.
Trouble maker shawl
Not quite a fail, but just giving me trouble. Since I am using a very fine yarn I am using small beads. And my normal crochet hook method of adding the beads isn't working, my smallest hook doesn't fit in the bead. So I was trying various dental floss methods, but had the wrong kind. I bought the floss of choice yesterday when I went to the big city to shop. So hope to get caught up on this guy.
Alternate project.
I did not have room to pack a sewing machine with a machine project, so I brought this ongoing hand sewing project. It has only come out of the bag for the photo op. I hope to finish the last light flower and get him sewn into the center so that I can start planning what comes next. This is a design and build as you go project. I have a lot of hexagons wrapped. But didn't have the right one to finish the center portion. I think I will do a dark round next. Who knows?


  1. the tale of the traveling hexies! Me too! Always some kind of EPP project. Usually knitted socks too. I do basic socks each time and expect the yarn to do the design work!

  2. Your projects are so pretty! I have successfully knitted one dishcloth and am peacock proud of it! I'm sure more will come, though crochet is my first love. Your EPP project is lovely! How nice to work on these projects while on vacation! :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have been known to pull out nearly a whole sock because it just wasn't right. I'm working (or as the case is really) not working on an old sweater -- circa 1980s. Once I decided to skip all the little bobbles on it I've made pretty good progress. Too hot to work on it now though. That sock yarn is fabulous. I would enjoy knitting with that but will refrain from buying more sock yarn....

  4. Isn't it inevitable that you have tons of hexies made but none in the colour you need at this moment?! Oh well, time to make some more :-)

  5. Oh I hope you are enjoying the view! You have some lovely projects there, socks can wait.

  6. So many wonderful projects! Enjoy your time at the lake. I hear it is very high this year.

  7. You certainly have lots of interesting projects to keep you occupied. Currently very cold but fine here in New Zealand, so I am enjoying seeing warm summer photos.


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