Friday, July 7, 2017

The Heat is on!

I am almost finished with my second sock for the warm up pattern of Tour de Sock

I get so annoyed when there is a knot in a ball of sock yarn! I spent a lot of money on that skein and I expect a continuous length of yarn. I untied it and then did a splice.
Mystery Shawl clue 2
I love mystery shawls by Susanna IC! This one started on the first day of summer. I am halfway through clue 3.
Tour de Fleece
I am trying to get my spin on. I haven't picked up the spindle in months. Since I am just learning I decided that spinning a little every day for the Tour de Fleece might help. Sort of. We had visitors this week and I was only able to spin 3 days out of 6. Better than nothing.
I got caught up on my sample blocks for the Block of the Month that I am teaching at the local guild. I wanted to have them completed for the year so I didn't have to worry anymore about it until later when I try to come up with another setting option.
First round of lines
So I was able to switch my machine over to quilting mode. Hope to get this guy finished today.
Second batch of lines
I am trying to do some matchstick quilting. I will let you know how it turns out! I hope to enter this in a show, deadline is the 22nd.


  1. Great quilt blocks. It really makes such a difference when the fabrics change up. And, matchstick quilting? Looks fabulous. Is the mystery shawl done on the internet or at a store? Just curious.

  2. Knots in skeins of yarn are so frustrating. Your blocks look great as does your quilting. Good luck with the deadline.

  3. Great looking blocks! I love the blue/green combo.

  4. I have found knots in embroidery thread and aurifil thread too, very annoying. Good luck with your matchstick quilting, I want to try that one day ......

  5. Your quilting is beautiful. I'd love to be able to call myself a quilter & I've given it a try a few times but.... My crafting attitude is just way too relaxed. My 'it's good enough' attitude doesn't work so well when piecing fabric bits together.

  6. The blues/greens look so pretty together. The mystery shawl is so interesting to me - is this an online mystery?


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