Friday, July 28, 2017

Still Lazing at the Lake

We are still at the lake. And then knitting is not going well. I tried the texture pattern from the first stage of Tour De Sock on a dishrag. It didn't work very well, the design is charted for knitting in the round and did not translate well to flat knitting. So after a few rows I ripped it out. Oh well. It was worth a try.
Folded Cuff
The second stage pattern was released on the 25th. I couldn't print it out until the next day, the small local library isn't opened on Tuesdays. And then we were trimming a tree on Wednesday so I didn't get to cast on until Thursday. I had trouble with the provisional cast on. It should not have been that hard. I think that the folded cuff would have worked just as well with a regular cast on edge. It took me way longer than it should have to get to this point.
First chart of colorwork
The next section is a Latvian Braid. I had never done that before and expected it to be difficult. I followed the directions and it knit up easily! Then on to the next 3 sections of colorwork. I was able to finish the first section. Love how it is turning out. My colors are a bit Circus-ish.
Apple Pie
On the 24th Utah celebrates Pioneer Day. About 10 years ago someone came up with the idea of "Pie and Beer" day for those who are not of the dominant religion. It has grown in popularity. I made an apple pie and my sorta new mom made a pineapple cake for a coffee and cake with our German friends that we consider family. Our own little Pie and Beer Day celebration! All of the older generation emigrated to the USA from Germany in the late 1950's and so are our Pioneers!
Bloomington Lake
Sweetie and I took the dogs for a drive up Bloominton Canyon. At the top is this lovely little lake! It is a lovely drive, although sections of the dirt road are a bit tricky.
On the way down we spotted this moose! I always feel lucky to see wildlife in the wild!
I love wildflowers! And this week we had access to quite a few in the upper elevations!
Sego Lily
We have had off and on cloudy days. Which is ok. I love the puffy white clouds and this one was especially interesting to me!


  1. Love the SEGo lily And the clouds! these are 2 of my fav subjects when i point and click!! like the beer and pie day pioneer day celebration day idea!

  2. Pie and Beer sounds like a fun way to celebrate!

  3. So you cook, and sew, and knit! Wow, I am impressed! Your pictures are fabulous!

  4. Your wildflower pictures are beautiful. We celebrated pioneer day with dutch oven dinner and homemade ice cream.


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