Friday, July 27, 2018

19 Quilt tops to choose from!

I got an invitation to my niece's wedding recently. It is the weekend after Labor Day. Since she is quilt worthy, I wanted to make her and her fiancĂ© a wedding quilt to celebrate the occasion. My time this summer is limited, so I pulled out a bunch of quilt tops to photograph and email to the happy couple so that they could choose one that suits their style. I sent them 19 photographs! Oh My! And that did not include tops that were smaller than lap, needed borders and ones that they were not allowed to choose from. (ones that have already been spoken for) I really need to get  going on some UFO's!

Here are the 19 quilt tops:

Row Robin from about 2003 or 4

Scrapbag Bargello started in 2002 borders later.

Wales Star Sampler I designed this about 3-4 years ago for my guild

Before and After Curves about 2009 or so

Tropical Treasures About 2009 or 10

Allegra I made this top for my bed, my sweetie looked at it and said 'boy that is busy". So it got thrown into the UFO pile. About 2010-11 or so

Bird of Paradise class sample from 2004 or so

Another class sample, can't remember the name right now. 2002- or 2003

From a class I took 2 or 3 years ago. The Amazing Race

Cloth Carousel's $5 quilt Block of the Month from 2002. I was working at the shop by the end of the year and designed this setting.

Serita class sample 2014 or 15

Sarah another version of Serita 2014 or 15

Garden Path. I used this as a leader project. Top was finished about 2003 or 4.

Nancy's Pinwheels Another class sample. About 2008 or 9

Another of Cloth Carousels $5 BOTM I believe it was 2003

A retreat project designed by my friend Diane Don't remember the name. I believe it was 2014 

Jazzy Another class sample about 2010 or 2011

An old UFO. It was another leader project. It would be pre 2001

Yet another class sample. I forget the name of the log cabin variation. 2004 or 5

Remember, there are more tops and almost finished tops (just needing borders). So the happy couple chose this one:

Now known as the wedding quilt.
I have a backing selected, need to sew the seam and then baste. Hope to get this quilted in the next two weeks. I think it needs something more than just my usual all over wiggle quilting. Stay tuned.

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  1. The happy couple must have had a difficult time choosing from all those lovely tops. Good luck getting them quilted!

  2. I love the idea of having tops that are ready for quilting when I need a gift! Tops take way less space to store than full quilts, and they're perfect for a gift in a hurry. I think we'll just say that you're brilliant, and not behind. :D

    I think my favorite is the Bird of Paradise top. I just love those colors and it's such a fun design. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Lucky bride and groom to have so many beautiful tops from which to choose. Like Bobbi, I would have chosen Bird of Paradise.

  4. Oh boy! 19+ quilt tops! And I was feeling quilt-guilt about having four that need quilted; now I don't feel so 'behind' - on the positive side, it means you have options and will never be bored for something to do LOL! I love the one they chose; all the different blocks really make it unique and interesting - such a classic quilt style.

  5. I don't know how they picked one! I have the same issue my projects they get to the completed top level and then they languish awaiting quilting, but I have prepped a bunch and dropped off a couple for long arming, so hopefully UFOs no more. I can't wait to see it all quilted!

  6. What a lucky couple. My fav was the one you said was too busy. Love the colors.

  7. Nice choice! Wow! You have quite the collection of tops. Makes my 8 or so not look too bad. On the other hand, it takes a lot less room to store tops than finished quilts. Have fun quilting this one. It's great.

  8. Oh how wonderful and how amazing to have so many to choose from - as others have said, a great system! Looking forward to seeing it quilted.

  9. Wow that is a lot of quilts to choose from. I with them luck.

  10. What a lucky bride and groom- to be given such a beautiful gift and one of their own choosing! And how lucky for you that much of the work has already been done!

    All of them are wonderful but if I had to choose, I would have picked either the Garden Path one, the one with the black background or the last log cabin variation. Although the Scrapbag one, Bird of Paradise or Tropical Treasures are super beautiful too. Lucky I wasn't the bride- I would have a hard time choosing! :-)

  11. Wow, the Choice would have been difficult to me! I guess I would chose birds of paradise or the wonderful log cabin


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