Friday, November 30, 2018

Over Stuffed with Stuff

Earlier this month I went to the nearby big town to check out an Art Quilt Group. I was told to bring show and tell, so I did. I enjoyed the meeting and joined the group. I will be going to the next meeting on Tuesday. Anyway, here is a link to their blog, check out the show and tell section!

On to the next UFO. This guy is from about 2003 or 04. Ricky Tims had come to teach his Caveman Quilting class to the Sacramento guild and I was able to secure a seat in the class. It was a wonderful class on freeform cutting. I enjoyed it greatly. I use a lot of freeform cutting in my work. I credit this class with inspiring some of my cutting techniques. So why did I not complete the class project? Hmm? Who knows.

My progress in class
I had all but two borders completed on the first quilt. The technique of cutting the flower yields 2 of them. I will make the second into another piece at a later time. I really like this project, so it puzzles me why I never buckled down to finish it. And over the years it has only come up for air once or twice. Other UFO's haunt me frequently.

The Mirror image flower
Recently I have been finding things that I have been looking for easily. Since the class handout was not with the project, I went to my class handout loose-leaf binder and sure enough there it was fully protected in a plastic page protector. I was able to finish the piecing and get started on the quilting.

Flower so far
I had hoped to have this piece quilted and bound by now but we went out of town for Thanksgiving. We were gone for 5 days. Got to see the grands, so it was wonderful.

Quilting so far
Fancy, schmancy whiskey glasses
A month or so ago my cousin and her husband came to visit. I offered beverages. The guys wanted to have a whiskey. I had bought some pretty, fancy schmancy whiskey glasses. Still in the box. Went looking for them. Of course, they were no where to be found (this was prior to my recent luck in finding things).  A few weeks later I was in the hall cupboards looking for something else and found these way back in that cupboard. I had looked there in the first place, but not far enough back. 

Which brings up my recent freak out. We have too much stuff. We downsized to a smaller house when we moved here 2 years ago.  We have a workshop for Sweetie and right now it is filled with stuff. I went out there looking for some boxes of photographs and ran into boxes of kitchen stuff. My new kitchen is small. Serviceable, but small. All the cabinets are full. I can't fit anything more in there. I need to get rid of stuff! I would like Sweetie to be able to actually work/tinker/play in his workshop. I have a much smaller sewing room than the previous house. At the old house anything I couldn't fit in the sewing room I just dumped down in the unfinished basement.  Now all the basement stuff is in the workshop.  I am going to make an effort over the next year to sort through and pare down my stuff.  I had a box full of quilting books and patterns out in the workshop that I will never use. So I set up an Ebay site and have listed them at bargain prices.  Please take a look and see if there is anything you have been looking for. Make me offers.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, so please check back. There are also some beautiful cross stitch patterns.  I previously had gotten rid of all my floss and aida fabric years ago, one of my daughters does a lot of cross stitch. I guess her suitcase was full and she did not take these. Again, here is the link for my Ebay. Thanks for looking.

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  1. Hi Sylvia, that's going to be lovely. Good luck with the getting rid of stuff!


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