Friday, October 26, 2012

Never easy.

Can't finish it!

Threads galore

I know, glue is the answer!

Quilting is compete!

Close up.


How can anything simple never be easy?  Murphy's Law rules my life.  Last week I had all the photos ready for my post and wrote it up while at my son's house helping with the new baby and almost 3 year old.  I must have selective memory, the baby quilt barely got finished in time.  But I digress.  I thought that this week I could for sure get that little fused quilt finished.  I have Dove chocolates, I have my cutting table cleared, I have my fingerless mitts on since the weather turned cold, so why did it take all week to get my butt in gear?

Yesterday I made a run for it. I finished the stems, tucked those threads to the back and tied them off and moved on to the free motion quilting.  I got the red thread done and the threads moved and tied on the back.  Went on to the orange thread, got a few squiggles in.  Actually, it was more than halfway there. Tuck the threads to the back and tie off. Oops, broke off a couple really too close to tie off.  Ok, get out the Elmers glue. I don't care how the back looks, I am fusing a fake back. Hmm, why won't the glue come out?  Well, the tip is full of dried glue.  Spend at least half an hour picking out dried glue from the nozzle. Ok, threads glued, time to finish the orange thread.  The bobbin ran out.  Really?  Ok, wind a bobbin, all set.  No, the bobbin wasn't in properly and fell out.  Take out the few bad stitches and put the bobbin in correctly.  Yuck, what happened to the tension?  Pick out more stitches.  At that point I decided it was time to walk away and try again another day.

It is another day.  Well, maybe I should write up a post for the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I am trying to get out there more, so that would be perfect.  I am blogger #149. Well, it is polite to look at some of the other blogs.  Like all of them.  And more keep getting added.  Oops, what about the quilt show entry that is due?  Better get that going. Where did the day go?  I only have a few squiggles to go, better get to it.  Found my issue with the tension, finished the 2 minutes of quilting and then tied everything off.  Trimmed the quilt to a pleasing shape and then Sweetie gets home.  Cocktail hour!  And I need to find something decent for dinner.

I guess the fused back can wait until morning. 

This is my Off the Wall post for the week.  Maybe next week you will actually get to see a tiny quilt that is finished!


  1. Your mini quilt is lovely! The colors are just fantastic. I sympathize with your travails though- so wretched when the simplest stuff is derailed! I'm with you on the glue though- I used to think it was blasphemous, but I'm pretty liberal with it now for all kinds of things.

  2. i'm soooo glad you shared the story behind the finish of this quilt - 'cause that kind of thing is always happening to me!! I smiled and felt your pain all at once. It was worth it though - its so joyful and lovely!

  3. Hi Sylvia, I saw the photo of your quilt and had to come over to take a closer look. I really like your colour choice as well as your swirly lines and circles. Beautiful!


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