Monday, October 1, 2012

Board quilt top is finished!

I recently posted about a set of blocks that I made for a group quilt.  The quilt top is finished!  Becky did a wonderful job coordinating the project.  I can even see where my blocks are in the quilt! The pattern is from Karen Combs book, "Celtic Pieced Illusions". She kindly gave us permission to use this pattern for the auction quilt.  I did not take a close up of the black print, but it has all kinds of dog "stuff" like bones, collars and leashes.  Along with the quilt, Becky bought some Clifford books and a stuffed Clifford to go with the quilt. She is taking another position on the Holiday Quilt Auction Board.  I will miss seeing her, she is a sweet lady.

And some flowers from Thanksgiving Point where the meeting was held.  Lovely gardens.  The weather has been perfect the last week.


  1. I just love the flowers at Thanksgiving point. Always so gorgeous!

  2. Oh and YAY! For a finished quilt!


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