Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finishing a challenge piece.

Little Hampton

I was able to finish my piece last week and get it dropped off to the show.  It was accepted, but didn't win a ribbon. For some reason I don't have a photograph of the finished quilt, just one of before the binding got tacked down.  I am hoping to try and stop by the show Saturday morning and get a better photograph.

Appliques for the Beatles quilt
I was able to get my Beatles challenge quilt worked on.  I just have to tack down the binding and sleeve.  It needs to get into the mail ASAP, it has to be in Virginia by the 5th of August.  I have only shown a bit of my piece, I don't want to jinx it. There is going to be a book and a touring exhibit! Hopefully my piece will make the cut for both. (fingers crossed)

Hiking in the hills.
Our daughter is visiting from England.  Sunday the 3 of us and the puppy dogs took a hike up in the hills above our home.  It was a beautiful day for a hike!

Karen's Garden
My daughter and I went to my friend's house for coffee and knitting.  Her garden is wonderful!  This big boy was growing in the green house.  I wish my tomatoes were ready!

This is my Off the Wall post for this week!

Craftsy is having a class sale this week!  Every day different classes will be going on sale for one day!  It will be worth checking back every day to see which classes you can score during the sale!  And the classes can be accessed indefinitely, so even if your summer is super busy, you can sign up now and take the class at your leisure!


  1. Very pretty quilt! I think your Beatle's challenge quilt will be fabulous - the silhouette don't look quite as good on the flower fabric as they do on the real fabric!

    Hmmm that tomato looks fantastic! I should go see if any of my cherry tomatoes are ready.

  2. Great finish! It always amazes me how deadlines keep us on track!


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