Friday, July 26, 2013


We had a lovely sunset!
My daughter is visiting from England.  We have been spending the week at the family cabin at Bear Lake.  It is a wonderful place.

The Bistro
We have this wonderful shade tree in the front of our property. We have our lawn chairs set up there as well as a couple of tables and chairs.  I call it the "Bistro" when we have our dinner or lunch out there. The hedge is the dividing line between us and our neighbors, life long friends of the our family. My parents bought the lot in 1965, so my siblings and I pretty much grew up there.  Things at the lake have changed over the years, but the 4 properties in our little neighborhood have been owned by the same families for 48 years.

I loved the clouds this am!

This little street didn't exist when we first started coming to the lake.  It is west of the main road which is behind our place.  All the Mansions, er, cabins up on the hill have wonderful views of the lake.  But I like our modest little place near the lake.

Buttercup looking towards the lake

The new fishing pond
Last year the town built a fishing pond near the Buttercup subdivision.  It is a short walk and has been very popular with the locals.

New trees at the fish pond
Since the last time we were up over the 4th of July, the city has graded a parking area and also has planted some trees.

I like the design in the wooden slats

I have so many wonderful memories of Bear Lake.  From childhood, young adult, as young parents and now as grandparents the memories are many and most are wonderful!  I hope everyone has some wonderful memories of a place near and dear to their hearts.

I am hoping that I can find the start of an art quilt in my visit here this week. I have wanted to do a landscape of the lake for some time now.

This is my off the wall post for this week.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.


  1. You will be very happy there! Lovely!

  2. ohhhh love love the barn siding slats! I know one of these days I'm going to have to face down a shotgun when I keep on stopping at people's old barns to take pictures - LOL!!

  3. What a heavenly place to recharge...with inspiration everywhere one looks!

  4. What a beautiful spot! You are so very lucky - enjoy the recharge with your family as summer will be gone before we know it. Great photos

  5. How wonderful to have roots in such a place.

  6. So beautiful! I'll have to come up and visit you there sometime.


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