Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinned, kicking and screaming

My latest bowl.
I have resisted the Pinterest addiction.  My friend had sent me several invites over the last few months.  I figured that I didn't need one more mindless thing to suck my time away. Because seeing how many projects that I am never going to knit were on my Ravelry queue, I knew that it would be overflowing and out of control in no time. So last week I had listed a couple of patterns on Craftsy, and said friend pinned them.  Then reported to me how they were being re-pinned all over the place.  And still I resisted. On Craftsy, I could see the pins on the patterns.  Quite cool actually to see the numbers go up.  Then the pins didn't show up for several days.  I was worried.  Was it because I wasn't on Pinterest?  Did everyone unpin my patterns?  What could be up with that?  So I made friend walk me through setting up a Pinterest account. Why did I have so much trouble?  Was it because I am blonde? Over 50? Stupid? Clueless? All of the above?  Or maybe because I had resisted so long?  I don't know. It did take me way longer than it should have to figure it out. And I am not going to get sucked into pinning everything/one and their dog.  Really, I won't.  So far, so good.  24 hours and I only have pinned my stuff and said friend's stuff.

Check out my latest bowl/basket in my Etsy shop!  I went over to a friend's yard and rephotographed a lot of my bowls. I think that they show much better now!


  1. Said "friend" is delighted to welcome you to PinLand! :D The new photos look fabulous!

  2. Does that make me "pin head" now?


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