Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off the Wall Friday, oops, it is now Sunday!

One block set finished
The next set cut
Fabrics for the 3rd?
I did get some sewing done on my Wales group blocks that I talked about on Monday.  I made one set, cut the second set and pulled fabrics for the 3rd set.  I am going to have to do something else for the background, the piece of fabric is not large enough to work.

For a bag
I was cleaning up some stuff and found these two fabrics hiding in my knitting bag.  Oops.  I had forgotten that I had them set aside to make Karen a boxy pouch in exchange for a skein of her hand spun yarn. So that needs worked on as well.

Another distraction is that my tomato garden is going wild!  Four buckets full picked yesterday!  One is mostly cherry and pear tomatoes with romas on top. Most of the rest are romas.  I guess we will be having a lot of tomato based dinners in the next week.

Mini Skeins!
I have an Etsy shop. I have been selling mini skeins of sock yarn.  Knitters like them for hexapuffs.  I had the bag stashed away and couldn't find it for a while.  Luckily I didn't have any orders.  I found the bag! I had another plastic tub of store stuff hiding in plain sight in the sewing studio.  I am going to sort these mini skeins into assortments. I have also been trying to downsize some of my extensive book and pattern collections.  I have been listing a lot of wonderful cross stitch and crochet items.  I also have some knitting and quilting books and patterns listed.  More are going up every day, so check back to my book/pattern section for some great deals on wonderful titles!

Will this turn into an Art piece?
This summer I decided I was going to try and enter some challenges. Previously I had blogged about my first attempt at a Quilting Daily challenge. I didn't make the finalist list.  But I am OK with that.  My victory was in actually DOING the challenge!  So there is another challenge up on the Quilting Daily site.  I have been thinking about what I wanted to do for quite a while.  Deadline is in 5 days.  Can I make it work? Note my elaborate drawing above. 

As everyone has probably seen by now, Craftsy is having a huge sale on classes and supplies.  I like Craftsy. Yes I am an affiliate. But this is my own opinion.  I like that they are free to join.  There is a lot of free stuff on their site.  They are wonderful to their pattern designers.  (yes I have a pattern store, some free, some for sale)  I love the way their classes are set up. You don't have to take the class at a certain time.  The classes are always available.  You can go back and review any lessons at any time. There are some free classes that you can sign up for to try out and see if you like the format.  I recently bought a class for Pictorial Quilting Techniques.  I saw a project on Threadbias by a beginning quilter and she said she had made her wonderful piece after taking this class.  I haven't watched the class yet, I haven't had the time. But I plan on watching the first lesson this afternoon. I will keep you all posted on my progress with the class.  

This is my Off the Wall Friday post for the week.  Check out Nina-Marie's blog to see what everyone else is up to!

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  1. Your tomatoes look beautiful! I need to go check mine - haven't been out all week. Looking forward to seeing where your challenge piece goes!


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