Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is it really September?

Fabric that is not the challenge fabric
My little quilt group in Wales is having a challenge.  We each were given a fat quarter of this lovely, bright lime green print.  I am not being sarcastic, I really did love it!  Anyway, this afternoon I finally cut into it and got my top made.  I had a plan as soon as I got home and matched it up with the leaf print pictured above.Of course, being the space cadet that I am, I did not get a photograph of the challenge fabric.  I took a ton of photographs of the process, and not one of the challenge fabric by itself. I do not want to publicly post those photographs until after the meeting.  So look for it in a future post.

And I did get my pants mended.  It doesn't look all that great, but since I tend to wear long shirts to cover up my curves, it should be ok.  For now.  It just means I have to go jean shopping.  I am not quite up for that ordeal right now.

Tonight's sunset
I just love the wonderful sunsets we have at our house!  We live on the east bench and so have wonderful views of the west mountains.  Every day is a wonderful light show!

My Dad has two pots with Geraniums at the cabin.  He is not taking them south with him this year, so I will get them. Hopefully they will be able to survive the winter in the basement.

Weeds on the beach
Some inspiration while walking on the beach!

I love to find art in the wild!
I did not draw this in the sand.  I love finding sand art left behind by others.  Luckily it had not yet washed away.

We saw a moose!
Sweetie and I drove up the little Hodges Canyon road and were delighted to see this moose having breakfast!  Yes, I did use a telephoto setting to capture him, but we were only about 20 feet away in our car, so we were safe.  Moose do not back down.

The lake just sparkles!
I am standing at the high water mark when I made this photograph. We are on the west side of the lake and it is very shallow for a long ways.  So in a low water year (like this one) it is quite a hike to the lake. You can see from the plants that it has been a couple of low water years.

It always throws me off when there is a holiday weekend.  I don't feel like I got a lot done.  I hope to have more to show next week.  

Off the Wall at Nina-Maries blog.


  1. What a beautiful place to live! I look forward to see the top!

  2. I personal subscribe to the rule that one can never have too much lime green in ones life (I have about 25 shirts and 5 handbags that will testify to that fact!). I like that you chose a complimentary color to pair with it!

  3. I've just begun to love lime green....a favorite color of my I wonder what took me so long.....anxious to see your finished project!

  4. I'm a big lime green fan also and have a lot in my wardrobe and my quilts. I look forward to seeing what you do with your challenge. What a beautiful sunset!

  5. I have worn lime green for the past two days while teaching decided I would wear hot pink today just so my students would know I don't wear green all the time. You live in a beautiful place. Love the moose.

  6. I love your photos..Had to show your moose picture to my son. I take care of my adult 20 year old son which is autistic and has other health problems and he loves to see animals. He really enjoyed seeing it. And I got to learn a lot about Mr. Moose and his kind. My son is like a walking encyclopeida is all good ...Love to see this kiddos excitement and enthusasim for the small things.


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