Thursday, September 19, 2013

What a Week!

I had quite the wild week.  Tuesday I was heading to Salt Lake for a luncheon with my crafty friends and halfway there had a flat tire.  I was lucky to be able to pull over to the side of the freeway.  Luckily a good Samaritan stopped and helped me change the tire. Well, really he put on the spare and I looked on.  The tire was ruined so I stopped and spent some quality time with Les Schwab.  They did stand by their warranty and replaced the tire.  But it took longer than usual since they had to get a tire from another location.  I got to the luncheon late and a bit frazzled.  It was nice to visit with my friends, but I did not take any photographs
The new Wales Town Hall
On Wednesday was the quilt guild meeting in Wales.  We were able to be back in the Town Hall.  The old building was in very sad condition and had to be condemned.  So they set fire to it as a training mission for the local volunteer fire departments from all the nearby towns.  The new building was recently completed. They did a nice job making it "feel" similar to the old building. It is very nice inside.  We had the reveal of our Lime Green fabric Challenge!

Carol's (I think??)
Tammy and Mary

Leslie's (??)

The New Gal (I was introduced and can't remember her name)




Another Mystery Woman
It was a fabulous turnout!  I love the various things that everyone made.  I forgot to take a photograph of Marcia's, it was an unfinished twister Jack-o-Lantern with the lime green as the leaves.  We also had a record turnout for the meeting, 22!

Charlotte also brought a quilt top she has been working on. She took this class from me at the Super Spring Retreat in March.  I just love the scappyness of it!  Love the colors!
Charlotte's Log Cabin quilt

The new challenge, due at the January meeting, is making a quilt based on a children's book or story. Brenda had a bowl full of slips of paper.  We each took a turn drawing out a slip and we were assigned that title to work from.  After everyone had a chance to draw a title, if you really hated what you got, you could draw another one, but then had to do that one.  And a few traded (someone gave Charlotte "Charlotte's Web") I really lucked out, I got "Treasure Island". I can already picture what I would like to do with the idea. Watch for me frantically working on it in December!

This is my Off the Wall post for the week!

Since I actually have a finished quilt, I am also linking to TGIFF!


  1. Like you I am always surprised. One theme, such a difference and so beautiful!~I love the potholder(?), the bird, all the circles and the baby quilts! You made a lovely piece too! Good luck with the next challenge and with your tires!
    Love from Amsterdam

  2. LOVE the way everyone is so diverse and using my fav color!! Its funny how everyone's creativity takes them to a whole different place - its a testimony to your group.

  3. How inventive the people are in your group! Congrats on a great piece too. The new challenge sounds fun... can't wait!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. I love lime green, so it would not have been a big challenge for me. Your group did an admirable job and I especially like what you did with the green and that leaf print.

  5. Amazing how different they all are, I enjoyed looking at them. Is your piece cut out in the middle with the black from the inside showing thru? Are the leaf pieces tacked on so you can poke your finger in? Really cool :-)

  6. Fun!! (Well, once the flat tire probs were over.) I want to be in your group, too. ;D And Charlotte's scrappy log cabin seriously is cool!

  7. What a fun post. I was excited to see Charlotte's finished quilt from the spring class. I have the four blocks from class finished.


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