Thursday, May 1, 2014


I was lucky enough to be able to attend Empty Spools Seminars in Asilomar this week! I am having a wonderful time! I started off driving to Salt Lake City to visit the grands. Then I drove to my friend's house and stayed the night with her. Together we drove  to Carson City to stay the night at my cousin's house. And then off to California the next day!

We had snow over the Sierra's, but it was so lovely we didn't mind. The roads were clear and dry.

As we got closer to the Pacific Grove we could hardly sit still in our seats! We were as excited as little kids at the fair! I love the ocean

I love the wild flowers along the boardwalk. I took a walk to the beach every morning. I was every bit as excited about seeing the ocean as I was about attending the seminar!

I took David Taylor's class, Pictorial Applique. I really enjoyed the class. 

David showing the class how to draw patterns.

I chose to use a photograph of a Sego Lily that I had taken in my backyard last year. David got my drawing started for me. I had watched as he helped several of the other students with their drawings, it was very interesting to see how to draw the animals.

This is as far as I was able to get today.  We have half a day tomorrow and then it is time to leave this wonderful place.

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. Beautiful photos - interested to see how your piece progresses.

  2. Subtle color shadings of the white flower petals, this is going to be gorgeous! What a fun class, I love working with my flower photos like this. I made it to the beach on Wednesday, 91' on the sand in Southern Oregon, whew! We were trying to escape the heat inland.

  3. Wasn't the class amazing?

    I love you photo of the sea anemone. I saw some itty bitty anemones, but none as wonderful as yours! I should have gotten out of the classroom more!!


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