Friday, May 9, 2014

Guild meeting and then the trip home.

I had a wonderful trip to California! The David Taylor class at Empty Spools was wonderful! My class project is not ready to be shown yet, still a lot of work to get it ready. I also visited friends. I went to the monthly meeting at a guild that I had belonged to when I lived in Sacramento, the Northwind Quilters of Fairfield.
This is the new opportunity quilt for the upcoming show in March of 2015. It is a very large quilt! This group is famous for their applique skills!

Another group was visiting with their opportunity quilt, I forgot the name of the group. I really love the bright colors that were used! They had permission from Karen Stone to use her pattern.  The quilting on it is lovely, hopefully the ticket that I bought will bring me this lovely quilt! One can hope. 


Just a quick trial of the layout
I stayed with my friend, Diane and I brought a project for us to sew. I had seen an article in an older AQS magazine and thought it would be fun to try it out. I brought 6 different fabrics and we each had a half yard of the six to work with.  Maybe it was seven.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun! I only got to quickly layout my triangles before needing to pack my bags. I will try to get the top sewn after the weekend.

Diane's EZ Crazy quilt
Diane had finally finished a quilt top from a class she took from me many years ago. It is lovely!  The colors are much brighter than in the photograph.

Fresh homemade salsa
Diane made me dinner several nights. She made this fantastic salsa to go along with the pork tacos.

Cactus in bloom

More blooms

Close up

Palm tree coming back to life

I stopped by my Dad's house on the long drive home. His cactus garden was blooming like crazy! I love the delicate flowers!  Last winter his town had an unusual snow storm, it dumped quite a few inches of snow and I thought that the palm trees were gone.  But they are coming back again!

This is my off the wall post for the week.

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  1. Isn't David a great teacher? What a character. I took a class from him a couple years ago and learned a lot although I could never be as anal as he is which is why he's the master and I'm not ;-)


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