Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small Town Quilt Show

Every Memorial weekend our small town of Ephraim, UT puts on Scandinavian Festival. The town was settled by Mormon Pioneers from Scandinavian countries. Our little quilt group puts on a quilt show in conjunction with the festival. It is a non-judged event with Viewer's choice awards. Letting everyone (including kids and husbands) vote gets them involved in looking at the quilts. I spent 4 hours helping hang the show today. Here are some photographs of the quilts. Sorry about the bad lighting, lots of sun shining through the windows. The price you pay for a sunny day!

We hang a clothesline along the railing for small qults

Our community service quilt

First aisle in the middle

Second aisle, the two quilts on the right are mine

Other side of aisle one

Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild raffle quilt
Each year the other local quilt guild, The Horseshoe Mountain QG, make a raffle quilt. They raise funds to give a scholarship to a student at the local Jr. College, Snow College.

Antique quilt

This year we had quite a few antique quilts come in. I love the soft, warm look of the above quilt!

Two more of my quilts.

Another Old quilt

Detail of a mend

Interesting choice of  fabric

The center square

Another mend
The above piece really intrigued me. It was made from denim and heavy pant fabrics. The gentleman who brought it in didn't know who made it, but suspected it was a family member. It was found in a family sheep camp (sheepherder's trailer) underneath some boxes or something like that. I love log cabin designs and this is definitely the intended design. It weighs a ton and is hand quilted.

Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilt Story
The gentleman who brought in the sheepherder's quilt also brought in the Crazy quilt above. He bought it at a Hollywood Estate sale. He said he has a photograph from the show of Robert Young with this quilt on his lap, but he couldn't find it to hang with the quilt.

Vintage Sue blocks
These are vintage blocks that someone sashed with modern repro prints and had the quilt machine quilted.

Another Older quilt, probably early 1990's

Back side of Aisle 2

Back Wall

Lovely stars.

Noah's ark

Vintage quilt top, recently quilted by a mother and then bound by her daughter

Quilt back, just as pretty as the front

Quilt front, just as lovely as the back

I would guess from the 1980's

Beautiful wool quilt

Nice sampler

It was an exhausting day, but I really think that the show looks nice! So if you are anywhere near Central Utah in the next two days (Friday or Saturday) stop by and check it out!

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.


  1. I love looking at these quilts! There were a number that I recognized the makers. My favorite is the old log cabin quilt. Wouldn't it be nice to know it's history! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All the quilts are so attractive, but the one that tugged on my heart strings is the old square in a square torn and faded one! What stories it could tell!!


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