Monday, May 26, 2014

Design Wall Memorial Monday

I finally got a quilt finished! Last year Brenda of Pieplate Patterns was the president of our Quilt Keepers group in Wales, Utah. She gave us a block of the month and I joined in. I really enjoyed piecing the blocks every month.  I did get the top finished earlier this year and got the piece quilted earlier this month. Now it is bound and hanging in my entry.

I have had these blocks floating around the studio since March. I decided to redo one block because it had some raw edges that would not be hidden under the seams of the sashing (and it wasn't crooked enough). I do plan on another version of this quilt as you go technique and I have that not crooked guy and a partial in these blues and greens. I may go with the blues and greens again, and I may just go some other direction, who knows? I have my sashing auditioning on the wall. I may have to go back to the scrap bag to find a few more strips. I am pretty sure that I want to use that dark green for the binding.
Another thing that has been hanging around on the design wall is a challenge that I am doing with a friend. She provided the shell stamped fabric and also the hand dyed orange/goldish piece. I have an idea and have several other hand dyes auditioning on the design wall. Hopefully if I get the sashing finished on the blue/green guy I can get going on this one.

And I have some exciting news!  In the upcoming release of "Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge" I have a quilt that will be in the book!  We just got notice of the cover and are allowed to start talking about the book! My quilt is "Twist and Shout".  I can't share a photograph of it yet, but I will as soon as they say to go for it! I am told that the book is available to pre-order at Amazon.

This is my Design Wall Monday post!


  1. You have some great looking quilts on your design wall this week. I especially like the blue/green wonky one and also Congratulations on being published!! What an honor.

  2. How exciting about your quilt being published! Love your block of the month quilt.


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