Monday, November 19, 2012

Manic Monday

The lady who owns our local Curves is in my quilting group.  Since we lost access to the meeting room in the local motel, she has let our group meet at her gym for free.  There is a wall perfect for displaying quilts.  I had brought in a top to hang there and had a lot of positive feedback.  One being that they wanted me to demo this block at the quilt group in November.  So I pulled some batiks from my stash and made up some demo samples.  I like the way the blocks look on the wall.  I may or may not add more blocks to this project.  I thought I had used a lot of orange, but it feels more yellow in the photograph.  I do still have 4 more blocks worth of strips that haven't been cut (I will cut them in the demo).

So for today I am going to be manically running around the house trying to clean, clear out stuff from the sewing room so it can be set up for a guest room and hopefully make it to the grocery store.  Tomorrow I get the joy of having a tooth crowned.  Hopefully all will be ready in time for son and family when they arrive.
I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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