Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Mess

Mess blocking the design wall

Bookcase, nice and tidy.

Cutting table is the sort station.

Our son and his family came for the holiday weekend.  So to add a guest room I had to take down my sewing machine and move the table to the corner.  Since the center of the room was cleared, I thought it was a good time to rearrange the furniture.  I had been thinking about switching places of the cutting table and book case.  So to do that I had to take everything that was stowed behind and under the cutting table and take all the books off the shelves.  With sweetie's help the furniture was moved.  Now to sort and put back the junk, er, ah, sewing supplies.  I was able to get the books sorted and neatly put back.  Now to get the mess of in-progress-projects and scraps sorted and stowed neatly.  This is my design wall Monday post for the week!

Also on the agenda today is to take a Craftsy class.  I was offered a class of my choice to try out one of their online classes and give a review. I have heard good things about taking Craftsy online classes from some friends, so I am looking forward to the experience.  After looking over the selection of quilting classes I decided to try  Art Quilt Backgrounds taught by Judith Trager.  A friend of mine had taken a live class with her and raved about it.  I trust her judgement.  So I am off to view the first lesson.  If anyone would like to join me Craftsy is offering a sale on classes purchased before midnight tonight at a bargain price of $19.99.  


  1. I'm taking the 1st of 2 machine quilting classes at Craftsy - I really like the format and am hoping to get brave and learn to FMQ over the winter. Enjoy your fresh start in your quilting room!

  2. Your book shelf looks fabulous! I hope you enjoy your Craftsy class. I've enjoyed the 3 classes I have taken through them.


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