Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Chevron Quilt is finished and turned in for the raffle.

Pretty Pansies at Thanksgiving Point.
I attended my last board meeting for the Utah Quilt Guild on Monday. I have been the Area Rep for the East Central Area for the last 2 years.  I need to take a step back for a bit.  When I came on the board, I did have some friends on the board and I also knew quite a few of the ladies.  I feel like I was able to deepen friendships and also make some new good friends.  Shantelle, Bev, Becky, Kathy, Cindy (well, actually 3 Cindys, all wonderful) Sharon, the other Sylvia, Louise, Paula, Ann, Wendy and many others that I can't quite pull the names out of my head at this moment. Thanks to all for welcoming me into the group.  I will continue to promote the art of Quilt-making in Utah, just on a smaller scale.

I was able to get the binding on the little Chevron quilt and turn it in for next year's Mini Quilt Raffle at Quilt Fest.  I felt like I needed to finish something, anything way ahead.  Instead of stitching down the binding the day before the baby arrives! This is my TGIFF post, check out everyone else's finishes!

Becky's Mom and her quilt.
Last week I wrote a post about the T-shirt quilt that I had made for my brother. I want to thank everyone for their kind comments.  I had a wonderful email from Becky.  She told me about the memory quilt she made for her Mother.  I asked her if I could share her story with you and she said yes.

Reading the story made me cry, because I was thinking of my mom.
She passed away 3 years ago in December, she was 79.
About 3 months before her 75th Birthday she mailed me her Square Dance Skirts and Vests. She wanted me to make a quilt out of them for her Bed. I made fans out of them and called it Grandma Promandes across the floor. It will never win any contest, neither. I got it sewn machine quilted just following the fans and had the binding machine sewed on before we flew to Minnesota for her Birthday. Every Night I went to bed early and worked on getting the Binding finished. She was so surprised when I gave it to her. I have it back.

Becky brought the quilt to the meeting on Monday and I was able to see it in person. Quite the treasure.  Thanks for letting me share your story.


  1. What a touching story! Memory quilts are so wonderful!

  2. Such a wonderful story! I'm sure your friend's mom loved looking at the quilt and remembering all those great memories. Thanks for sharing the story. Love you chevron quilt, Sylvia!

  3. I never even know about quilt guilds until I started reading about them in blogs. This month makes one year that I've been a member of the morning guild here in town and I love it!
    I am by far the youngest one in the group of a membership of 80 gals......but who cares? They don't! LOL I am on the board as the Historian and having a lot of fun snapping pictures for the history of the guild.


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