Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun on Friday!

I wanted to work on my Friday post first thing this morning. I am at the quilt shop today and it has been so busy that this is my first chance to work on the post. Busy is good!  Had a batch of women come in who are in the area for a quilting retreat. It sounds like they are having a very good time this week at their retreat! I love going to retreats!

Autumn Sunflowers
I sold a quilt this week! It is going to California to live in my old stomping grounds in Sacramento. It is a great feeling when someone plunks down cash to buy your work! I am thinking about selling some of my 12 by 12 quilts. A group of us took turns selecting words and everyone made a 12"x 12" quilt inspired by that word.
California Blues


Here Comes the Sun
Given to my friend Sandy.

Peace, always in Fashion
Given to my friend Lisa.

Music Man

First Snow


This is my off the wall post for this week.

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