Friday, October 31, 2014

It is here!

Last summer I signed up to do an art quilt for the Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge. I was not allowed to show photographs for a long time. Although the book has been out for a month, for some reason my order took forever to get here. 

I got a package!
The tracking said that the package should arrive on the 30th.  YES! A key in the mail box!

A box from Amazon!
And yes, the box was from Amazon! Wahoo! I had two dogs on leashes with me, so I had to wait to get back to the house before ripping open the box.

So pretty!
I was so excited to see the beautiful covers! I had added my friends copy to my order and I also bought one for my Dad.

My Quilt!
What a thrill to see my quilt in the book! They are in alphabetical order, so I am near the end. And this week they are at Houston, I wish I could be there, but it wasn't going to happen this year.

My fabric choices
I had this vision when I got my title of "Twist and Shout". I was hoping to find some vintage 60's fabrics, something with a bold print. After searching for months, I couldn't find anything. I had called out to my former group in Salt Lake and a friend commented she didn't have a 60's print but had something she thought would work. And she did!

My cut outs
Drawing is not my strong suit. And after trying to find some twisting silhouettes, I finally just broke down and did my own drawings. And it turned out to be just what I wanted. I first quilted the background with a twisting design. I forgot to take a lot of the in progress photographs. I then fused the silhouettes and stitched around the edges.

In progress
You can see the layout here and the quilting shows up nicely in this photograph.

Ready for the binding.
Like I said, I forgot to take photographs, so I don't have a finished photograph! My daughter was visiting from England and we were heading up to the lake for a week. So I was rushing around getting the piece ready to mail before we left since the deadline was the next week. I mailed it off and headed to the lake.  Then realized that I didn't have a finished photo.

You can find the list of venues here!

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. I heard about the book. Would love to see the quilts in person. What a great idea for a challenge!

  2. Congratulations! It is pretty amazing to get published!

  3. congrats on the Houston Twist and Shout challenge,
    how cool is that book!
    Now i must get up and Dance!!


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