Thursday, October 16, 2014

Off the wall and onto the fence.

This week my good friend Lisa came to our guild and gave a talk on Prayer Flags. She did a great job! Good information, good history, great examples and a wonderful slide show. I was so into the lecture that I forgot to take any photographs during the lecture, or of her samples.

Also at this meeting we swapped our 4 inch blocks (that I have been whining about for the last couple of weeks). I decided to make Prayer flags using my cute little blocks. I only have 7 done so far, but will add more flags as I get them finished. 

My string of 7 flags

Love the way these turned out!

My sweetie insisted that I back up to take a photograph so that all the "yard art" is in the foreground. We have a thing for rusty junk, er, um, art pieces found in the wild. That milk can was bought at a yard sale probably about 30 years ago. It has moved all over the place with us. The axle has crossed state lines twice. The giant cog is new this year.

Peaty and Eddy love the dirt hill!

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. I LOVE your prayer flags! They really came out beautifully. I look forward to seeing the string of flags grow. :D

  2. Love your flags of course but also the yard art....I too have sucummed to their allure!!


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