Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Morning

I had joined a 4" block swap at a local guild. We were to swap 2 sets of blocks with each participant and an extra one for the upcoming raffle quilt.  We did the swapping last week. Some really fun blocks came in the batch. I decided to set aside 12 to make a small quilt.

12 blocks for a small quilt
On Friday I blogged about using the rest of the blocks for making some prayer flags. I had seven finished and hung them on my back fence.

Ready to tie together

Just need to attach the twine
Yesterday I sewed on the rest of the 14 blocks I am using for the flags. So  a total of 21. I ran out of time before dinner, but just need to sew the twine on the last few blocks, that should go quickly and then they can go out to the fence.

The leader project
I am sure that you all will get sick of the seeing the leader project, but it is growing. Slowly, but surely! I am on the long rows, so it doesn't seem to feel like it grows much, but it is!

Saturday's Sunset
I just love sunsets! We get some really awesome ones here, so I decided to share Saturday's sunset with you.

This is my Design Wall Monday post for this week.

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  1. Your sunset is gorgeous. I'm intrigued by your prayer flags. Did you pray while stitching them or attach prayers to them? And do you leave them outside all the time? What a cool idea. Your leader quilt is going to be gorgeous.


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