Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dice and Splice class

The Horseshoe Mountain Quilters Opportunity Quilt.

Close up.

Peggy's strippy quilt.

The only photo I took of a student at work.

Dice and Splice Flag Quilt.

I taught my Dice and Splice Flag Quilt at the Horseshoe Mountain Quilters yesterday.  It was fun!  We had a potluck lunch as well. Peggy brought the Opportunity quilt which she had quilted on her long arm quilting machine.  The guild makes a quilt each year to raise funds for a scholarship to Snow College.

Peggy also brought her strippy quilt.  It is the same pattern that Sherre used for her red and black quilt.  It is a 3 dudes pattern.  Even though they both used black, the two quilts are quite different!

This morning I put my Dice and Splice Flag Quilt Pattern up on Craftsy!  My first published pattern!  It was exciting!  I am hoping to get a couple more patterns published next week.  


  1. Such a fun quilt. Thank you so much for teaching us. Can't wait to finish mine.


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