Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Next Round of the Chalkboard Project.

 Brenda 's quilt drawings.
 She drew a variety of blocks that use half square triangles.
 Full view of her drawings.
 The graffiti artist's side.
 A view showing boths sides.
 If you look closely, my drawings are still visible.  They didn't erase very well. But I think that will add interest to the project.  Layers of chalk drawings.
Huginn happened to be there when I stopped by this afternoon.  He is leaving Utah tomorrow.

I stopped by the CUAC this afternoon.  My friend, Brenda, had drawn her quilt patterns the day before and I was very curious to see how it turned out.  She used the ruler to line up her pattern drawings.  My quilts were all drawn freehand.  I really like how she used such a variety of blocks for her piece.  I will try to make sure that I get down there to see all the drawings as the project evolves.


  1. The layers of chalk will add a nice texture to the drawings! Who is next? How long will Bonnie's drawings stay up? I love half square triangles too. So fun.

  2. It'll be interesting to see the "palimpsest" of quilts and of graffiti building up ... chalk never erases perfectly, does it?


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