Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sew Day

Marcia finished her Twister quilt!

She did some lovely free motion quilting in the pinwheels!

Also in the border!

She can't decide whether to add more quilting to the Owl and Tree quilt.

Beautiful Orchid on Marcia's counter!

Marcia's delicious chicken salad for lunch!

We were able to get all the blocks sewn for the baby quilt.
Another productive sew day!  Marcia's house this week.  She had her twister quilt hanging on the railing to dry.  It turned out really cute!  The 3 of us worked together on the baby quilt.  Marcia and Sherre were on the sewing machines and I was pressing and cutting.  We were able to get all the blocks sewn.  There are just two seams left to have the top finished.  The bobbin was acting up, so we decided that meant it was time to stop.

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  1. Bobbins have amazing timing - they always know when it's time to quit!


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